Herb GreenhouseBasil Plant

here is a sampling of our most popular varieties:

African Blue Basil Provence Lavender
Cinnamon Basil Greek Compact Marjoram
Greek Clumnar Basil Corsican Mint
Lettuce Leaf Basil Chocolate Peppermint
Siam Queen Thai Basil Kentucky Colonel Spearmint
Sweet Basil Greek Kalitera Oregano
Catnip Curly Parsley
German Chamomile Plain Parsley
Chives Patchouli
Slow Bolt Cilantro Lemon Verbena
Curry Athens Blue Spire Rosemary
Dukat Dill Foresteri Rosemary
Fernleaf Dill Salem Rosemary
Silver Leaf Eucalyptus Lemon Thyme
Variagated Society Garlic French Tarragon
Assorted Scented Geraniums Golden Variegated Thyme
Lemon Grass Pineapple Sage
Dutch Lavender Purple Sage
Grosso Lavender Tricolor Sage
Goodwin Creek Lavender Green/Grey Santolina

please call to check availability and more varieties